I will be working on some documents to post to help set up a file that everyone should have in their home in preparation. It will be good advice based on research and a good filing system for families to have in place in case of a catastrophe and eventual planning. I know Florida residents who keep these boxes on the ready in case of evacuation for hurricane season, families who have fire safe file boxes that will survive in case of a home fire, and just in general it is a good thing to have on the ready. You don’t want to be searching through your desk, looking for this or that in an emergency. So name this box and location so that it can be easily recognized and found. I was lucky as a teen to have adults in my life who had experienced the process and were sharing in giving this advice to us, be prepared and know where things are and how they are done, just in case. I have seen cases where the dependent was left with well organized finances but did not know when bill paying, savings and income were set up and the banks following their process, excluded the survivors for a bit. The mechanics of business takes no rest so it is important to be prepared and up-to-date on paperwork and password. So off I go to research some succinct information and list-making. I will post links to research and also a check list for use. Keeping files and documentation is important.