The Rest of the List – Listing the other Twenty Seven

The remaining files in the list of Thirty Files Everyone Should Have are enumerated by category and you just need one sheet of paper for each document. It can be the original or a copy with the location of the original noted. Myself, I am going to take all the originals to the lock box with a copy in my Thirty Files that will also be placed in a fireproof container, easy to grab and go. One each copy- list the sign on and passwords so that they can be accessed easily by survivor. There many people in my life who need this information centralized and a couple that I will be working with directly to assure that everything is done.

It is a good idea to run a credit check through one of the reporting agencies to discover any open files that would affect Your credit. In my case my spouse and I had separate and joint accounts for some stores. I went through and closed all of his accounts and any joint accounts. That would prevent any credit fraud and cleaned up the listing of cards that I needed and those unnecessary ones. You can also keep track of your credit through which updates several times a month. Even with checking those, one year after his passing I received a yearly statement from LLBean for an account that I did not know existed. Guess I just missed that one. Credit and managing it are another subject and will come in a separate post. I just mention this at this point because you will need to list all your credit card accounts in the new files.