The Rest of the List – Listing the other Twenty Seven

The remaining files in the list of Thirty Files Everyone Should Have are enumerated by category and you just need one sheet of paper for each document. It can be the original or a copy with the location of the original noted. Myself, I am going to take all the originals to the lock box…

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The Details – The Will, Instructions and Trusts

This part may be a little boring and I hope not too redundant but I will be discussing each section of the Thirty Documents listing. Learn something new in each section and use it or lose it, however you may need. I am learning and researching as I go along here too but in the…

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Practically Speaking, The Business of Transistion

The grief and shock of death will linger forever. The practical business of getting on with your life needs to be directly taken care of on a daily basis, that too can seem like a never ending set of hoops. Here are several things that you need to know. Hopefully things have been set up…

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